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We are an online marketing agency specializing
in crossborder e-commerce growth.


Specialist in crossborder growth opportunity identification and strategic exploitation.

Performance marketing

Performance-based campaigns based on leads, transactions and revenue.

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Estimate competitive position against foreign market.

Top 3% best online marketing agencies

Tomahawk is a premier partner of Google, making us one of the top 3% best online marketing agencies in the Netherlands. This is more than just a fancy title: it is our guarantee of quality and a reminder that we do not get this privileged position, but continue to earn it.

Our specialists are therefore continuously trained and have direct access to closed betas:
new features within Google Ads that have not yet been rolled out to all advertisers.

We find this very common.

High standards? At Tomahawk, we take the following for granted:

Our working method

We work according to a proven method and our specialists maintain direct contact with our clients. That means: no account managers, but a direct line to the person working on the campaigns. We welcome you to our office in Nijmegen for an introduction.

Tomahawk case studies

Curious about what we do? Read here what successes we have achieved with our clients.

What we offer to customers

Crossborder performance marketing agency for e-commerce with growth ambition

Tomahawk doubles the market share of webshops through groundbreaking innovation. We realize the growth, innovation and expansion goals of e-commerce entrepreneurs with our extensive knowledge of crossborder entrepreneurship. In doing so, we actively seek solutions and take the initiative. At Tomahawk, we tackle e-commerce growth processes effectively.

Tomahawk delivers strategic insights and turns them into powerful execution, making us the ideal partner during all stages of webshop growth.

Are we a match?

Tomahawk's ideal customer

Years of experience in e-commerce

These are some of the e-commerce clients we help daily with online marketing in both the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany (the DACH countries) and Scandinavia. Will you join them?


Working together?

I'm Roel, founder of Tomahawk. I am happy to help you from our office in Nijmegen.