Server-side tracking

Achieve complete data collection for optimal design of marketing campaigns, and prepare for a cookieless future.

In 2024, browsers will phase out third-party cookies, and privacy laws will become stricter. As a result, data collection is undergoing a profound change that affects all Web shops.Get ahead of this with solutions that allow you to continue collecting data while protecting the privacy of your website visitors. Choose server-side tracking for web shops, exclusively from Tomahawk.

What is Server-side

First-party data collection

Server-side tracking (S2S) is the new standard in tracking. Previously, you collected data within the user's browser (client-side tracking) and depended on third parties.

Now you collect data on your own server, which is located between the websiteandn the analytics/advertising tool. The server sends this data to a tracking platform, such as Google Analytics. Server-side tracking is a form of first-party data collection, where outside parties are not involved until later in the process, or not at all.

The focus shifts to first-party cookies on your own website, rather than declining third-party cookies from third parties.Read more about server-side tracking here.

Benefits of server-side tracking

Privacy Friendly

With server-side tracking, web shops are ready for the rapidly changing (inter)national privacy requirements from the EU. Entrepreneurs manage the collected data themselves before it goes to external parties. This gives you the option to add or filter information.

Super fast

In the user's browser, fewer tracking pixels are loaded with server-side tracking compared to client-side tracking. The result? The data collection process is a lot faster. Extra nice touch: the loading time for web shops is also reduced.

CRM integration

Server-side tracking integrates seamlessly with various CRM systems. Measure offline conversions and send them back to your ad platforms to leverage the value for campaign optimization. The end result: personalization of marketingandn customer interactions.

Server-side tracking offers solutions for


Less influence browser restrictions

Adblockers and browser restrictions, such as intelligent tracking prevention (ITP), play a larger role in blocking cookies.

With server-side tracking, tracking is less susceptible to adblockers because the tracking code resides on the webshop's server, not in users' browsers as with client-side tracking.

This prevents third parties from accessing the data. Choose server-side tracking and the detection of adblockers will no longer be an obstacle for your webshop. Your data remain safe in Europe, under your control.


Assigning campaign success

Attribution becomes more complex, especially when customers go through lengthy orientation processes before proceeding to a purchase. This leads to a distorted picture of campaign success: without the data from third-party cookies, e-commerce entrepreneurs do not know whether customers went directly to an online store or ended up there through an ad.

As a result, campaigns seem less successful than they actually are because not all success is attributed to the ads. As a result, business owners unfairly reduce their campaign budgets.

Server-side tracking is a solution that tracks interactions across domains, keeping attribution assignment clear and basing your campaign decisions on accurate data.


Missing conversion values

With the disappearance of third-party cookies, tracking for e-commerce is more limited: currently, web shops miss five to 20 percent of data. This is expected to rise to 70 percent in the future.

Algorithms in platforms such as Google Ads require a lot of data for optimal performance. With less data, the efficiency of e-commerce campaigns decreases. Server-side tracking ensures that your conversion value remains 100% measurable.

Server-side tracking
for your webshop

Server-side tracking for all platforms

With S2S, web shops make the most of data collection through their own CMS. By making smart use of collected data, users of these systems can continue to reach their customers.

We implement S2S for systems such as Magento, Shopware, Shopify, WordPress and Lightspeed. Does your webshop use a different system? Together with your web developer, we develop a custom solution.

In addition to shop systems, server-side tracking also works extremely well with all the relevant marketing tools you see below.

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Our specialists maintain direct contact with our clients. That means: no account managers, but a direct line to whoever is working on the campaigns.At Tomahawk, we specialize in server-side tracking for e-commerce: it is one of our techniques for doubling the market share of web shops.


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Server-side tracking at Tomahawk

Tomahawk doubles your market share, and server-side tracking is one way to achieve that. No matter where entrepreneurs are in their growth process, Tomahawk has the right solution:

  • Orientation: what are your goals and requirements? By deploying server-side tracking, we collect data such as visitor numbers. Based on that, we formulate ideas for growth.
  • Approach: do you already know exactly what your goals are? Then we move on to the approach and formulate concrete action points. Server-side tracking provides the necessary data to adjust the tracking strategy.
  • Implementation: once the strategy is clear, we move to implementation. We configure server-side tracking in a secure manner.
  • Execution: with server-side tracking, we monitor the performance of your running campaigns. Are adjustments needed anyway? Then together we go back to the drawing board and use the data obtained by server-side tracking to strengthen your campaigns.

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