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Our eastern neighbors have a large, growing market. The perfect opportunity for your business.

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Illustration of different provincial areas in Germany, which may affect marketing activities.

Online marketing in Germany

We have much in common with Germany in terms of language and culture. Last but not least, the German market is twice as big as the Dutch market. For this expansion to succeed, there are some important elements that entrepreneurs should not overlook. For example, volumes and names of keywords can vary enormously in Germany. Furthermore, there are plenty of issues to consider when expanding into Germany, such as the language, culture and difference in consumer behavior.

Administrative classification

Like the Netherlands, Germany has regional divisions. These are called federal states, certainly not to be confused with provinces as we know them in the Netherlands. Each federal state has its own rules and laws. Therefore, it is important to determine in advance which federal state the focus will be.

Cultural differences

In Germany, consumers value reliability: a deal is a deal. Negative reviews, language errors, late deliveries or missing legal documents convey less reliability. German consumers want to be sure, otherwise they will place their order with someone who does play by the rules. So be alert to the main differences with consumer behavior in Germany.
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Online marketing
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Online purchasing behavior in Germany

The need for security can also be seen in the online behavior of German consumers. Compared to the Dutch, they are more alert to privacy. This has implications for device and social media use and willingness to do online banking, among other things. E-commerce in Germany is very different, but also similar to the Netherlands on many fronts.

Soundness is an important component for German success. With a German online shop seal of approval, you show how reliable your e-commerce shop is and you are 1-0 ahead of shops that do not have this. We recommend Trusted Shops as a Hallmark.

Choose the right marketing channels

Consider carefully which marketing channels you want to use, as this requires thorough market research. Online marketing in Germany differs from Dutch marketing in many ways. For example, in search engine marketing, there are major differences in search volumes, competition levels on keywords and cost per click on paid advertising. When competition levels are lower, it may be a logical decision to deploy SEO in Germany. With intense competition on certain keywords, it may be smarter to advertise in Germany.

You can also analyze with a specialist whether to optimize part of your offer organically, and part to start selling through ads. This also applies to digital marketplaces in Germany. For example, there is no in Germany, so other marketplaces are a lot more relevant to sell your products on. The most popular marketplaces in Germany are Amazon, Quoka and Ebay.

Laws and regulations

The required legal information for web shops largely corresponds to the Netherlands. However, there are some points where these regulations differ significantly from the Dutch. By adhering to the rules for webshops in Germany, you avoid high fines and consumers who do not trust your webshop.

German marketing at the highest level

Tomahawk is a premier partner of Google, making it one of the top 3% best online marketing agencies in the Netherlands.

Our German specialists receive continuous training and have direct access to closed betas: new features within Google Ads that have not yet been rolled out to all advertisers.

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