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The Czech Republic is a relatively new player when it comes to crossborder e-commerce. But it is also the fastest-growing e-commerce market in Europe.

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Czech Republic

Online marketing in the Czech Republic

The Czech e-commerce market is growing super fast, as Czechs are increasingly ordering online. These consumers are increasingly willing to pay extra for fast delivery. Time to roll out your business as an e-commerce entrepreneur to the Czech Republic.

The consumer

The largest group of online consumers in the Czech Republic is between 25 and 34 years old. This target group is sensitive to value for money. In this consideration, low price usually wins out over high(er) quality.

Purchasing behavior

What is further noticeable is that laptops, smartphones and othermultimedia products are doing well in the Czech online market. In addition, Czech consumers often order household itemsandgarments online. Cash on delivery is a popular payment method: here the customer charges when receiving the package or while picking it up. Although the use of bank cards is increasing quite a bit, some customers also pay cash he delivery. Therefore, in the Czech Republic, the chances of online payment fraud are quite low. These opportunities allow Czech consumers to rely on online providers and suppliers.
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Payment methods

The Czech Republic is part of the EU, but for now it uses its own currency: the Czech Crown (CZK). Cash payment upon delivery of an online order is currently the preferred means of payment. In second place comes payment by bank transfer and finally the use of e-wallets such as Apple or Google Pay. The use of online payment methods among Czech consumers is expected to increase in the coming years. In doing so, the number of people placing online orders is also increasing.

Growth market

The Czech crossborder performance market has a lot of growth potential. This is due to consumers' willingness to pay extra for fast delivery and the rise in the number of orders made via smartphones. As a crossborder e-commerce entrepreneur, it makes sense to use established Czech sales platforms.


Google Shopping is used in the Czech Republic. A popular website is the search engine Here you can use the advertising platform Sklik. This platform accounts for about 15% of the market. Sklik is followed by Yahoo, Bing and Yandex, which together have 3% of the market share.

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Crossing other borders

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German e-commerce is growing every year and the end is not yet in sight. The vast majority of high online sales are due to Amazon. Thanks to these elements, Germany is an interesting market for crossborder expansion. At the same time, it is a competitive market in which consumers place high demands on e-commerce shops.

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