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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a dynamic field in which much is changing, but at the same time the basic principles remain surprisingly constant. SEO is the essential foundation for any strong website or platform, playing a crucial role in both user experience (UX) and attracting traffic. It allows you to ensure that your target audience discovers your website at exactly the right time.

Technical SEO as a foundation

Central still are the three traditional pillars of SEO. First, creating content that is relevant to the topics your target audience is searching for. Second, optimizing your platform to be as accessible as possible to both users and search engine bots. And third, strengthening your platform's external authority through backlinks.

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SEO strategy and performance marketing

Do you want to double the market share of your webshop in the Netherlands, or across the border? We have several in-house specialists to achieve top positions in various international markets. Have you reached a dead end with another agency, or are your own marketers not quite delivering the desired results?

Tomahawk is there to pick up the pieces and achieve your goals together. With an international teamandn specialists from various technicaanden creative backgrounds, we can gradually achieve organic success in the bottom funnel of your webshop.

The benefits of SEO at tomahawk

Boost your organic performance

SEO Audit
SEO Audit
Are the results disappointing? Wondering if a current partner is missing something? Our SEO audit makes it transparent.

SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting

Catchy content with the right keywords for the best findable e-commerce shop.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

We ensure proper indexing, loading speed, core web vitals and everything that results in the best rankings in Google.

International & local SEO

International & local SEO

An online expansion into Belgium, Germany or England holds no secrets for us. We know the necessary SEO conditions.

Website migration

Website migration

Achieve secure and successful migration without loss of organic traffic.

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Our working method

We work according to a proven method and our specialists maintain direct contact with our clients. That means: no account managers, but a direct line to the person working on the campaigns. We welcome you to our office in Nijmegen for an introduction.

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Crossborder performance marketing agency for web shops with growth ambitions

Tomahawk doubles webshop market share through groundbreaking innovation. We realize the growth, innovation and expansion goals of e-commerce entrepreneurs using a unique combination of extensive knowledge about crossborder businessandn a hands-on approach.

Tomahawk delivers strategic insights and turns them into powerful execution, making us the ideal partner during all growth phases of SEO for web shops.

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I'm Roel, founder of Tomahawk. I am happy to help you from our office in Nijmegen.