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We are Tomahawk: a crossborder performance marketing agency. Meet our team and our story.

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Shared ambition accelerates growth

Tomahawk strives to get the best out of your webshop together with you. We understand better than anyone the challenges that entrepreneurs face, because we ourselves have taken quite a few hurdles.

We believe the best collaborations are born from mutual understanding and transparency. Our openness includes both our successesandn our learning moments. We are experts in our field, through both traininanden experience.

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This is our story.

From all-rounders to specialists

Tomahawk started in 2015 as an all-round online marketing agency that offered various services, including conversion optimization, UX and design. We helped companies with performance marketing as well as website optimizationandn development.

Although we were successful and continued to grow quietly, we realized that the market was becoming saturated due to stiff competition. In the Netherlands alone, there are 5,000 online marketing agencies offering basically the same services.

Due to the wide range of services such as design and UX, we could not fully focus on performance marketing. To really stand out, you need specialists , not all-rounders. We could not fulfill that expert role because of our extensive range of services.

We bore the brunt of that, because the data-driven side of marketing made our hearts beat faster. Moreover, we saw that our clients often got stuck when expanding abroad. It was therefore time for a new adventure.

2019: The start of Tomahawk

Around 2019, we made a big switch. We jumped into the deep end with a clear focus, a clear concept and by now a generous dose of experience. We chose a new name: Tomahawk. This name fit well with what we are: authentic, united, sharpandn goal-oriented. In recent years, we have grown from an all-round online marketing agency to specialists within a growing niche: crossborder performance marketing. Since 2019, we make very conscious choices in what we danden what we don't do for our clients. Read more about our approachhere .

Meet team Tomahawk

We achieve growth for webshops and deploy SEO, SEA, Analytics, socialandn platform marketing (bol.coanden Amazon) to do so. We work for various different types of e-commerce entrepreneurs who want to grow, innovaand en see opportunities abroad. Our team consists of specialists who are curious, experienandd en adventurous. As professionals, we work together to make your growth ambitions come true.


Director & Owner




SEO Marketer


SEA & Social Marketer


SEA & Social Marketer


SEA & Social Marketer


SEA Marketer


SEA & Social Marketer


SEA Marketer


SEA & SEO Marketer


Copywriter / Content Marketer


SEO Marketer


SEA Marketer

Jasper.AI / Chat GPT

AI Copywriting Assistant

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Tomahawk | Online marketing Nijmegen

Prize winning case: Garmundo

By tailoring the SEA structure, search terms and channels to potential customers, SEA sales in DEandn NL grew by 250anden 400%, respectively.

Garmundo asked our help in realizing increased sales through the Dutch and German web shops. In this growth, it was important to take into account the strong seasonality that Garmundo faces. It was also a challenge to pour different search terms for a plant into an effective SEA structure.

The SEA strategy and associated optimizations have led to a nice increase in sales in both the Netherlandsandn Germany. In the peak period (spring 2020) the turnover of the German SEA campaigns increased by no less than 250% 400%.