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Double your market share with a well thought out ad strategy and optimizations for your product feed.

The SEA Philosophy
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Performance Marketing & Crossborder

Tomahawk is a performance marketing agency that finds the growth potential for e-commerce across borders. Tomahawk creates SEA campaigns that are results-driven, so we always meet business owners' goals.

With our team of native specialists, we build campaign structures that reach the far reaches of Europe. We drive these campaigns with tracking of exceptional quality. At Tomahawk, you can count on the campaigns to be up-to-date and we deploy the very latest Google features. We make sure everything is completely in order: from account hygiene to product feed.

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International growth starts at Tomahawk.


We translate data into insight & analysis.


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About SEA

Strategic partner for revenue maximization

Tomahawk is more than just an executive for SEA campaigns: we are a strategic partner. For example, we take an advisory role for website optimization, pricing policies and provide market insights.

All this is possible because we are Premier Partner of Google, a label that only 3% of agencies in the Netherlands have. This gives us unique insights into the market, development of cost per click that gives us a strategic advantage over other agencies.

We report monthly on results, work and opportunities we see to maximize results.

The benefits of SEA at tomahawk

Boost your ad strategy

SEA Audit
SEA Audit
Are the results disappointing? Wondering if a current partner is missing something? Our SEA audit makes it transparent.

Google Ads

Google Ads

Achieve immediate impact with strategic ads on Google.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping

Highlight products with shopping listings in Google

Feed management

Feed management

Optimally set up products so you can advertise on different channels.



Show your offer to potential buyers who have previously viewed your product.

Inventory management

Inventory management

Get insight into sales and inventory to sell always.

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Our working method

We work according to a proven method and our specialists maintain direct contact with our clients. That means: no account managers, but a direct line to the person working on the campaigns. We welcome you to our office in Nijmegen for an introduction.

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Crossborder performance marketing agency for web shops with growth ambitions

Tomahawk doubles webshop market share through groundbreaking innovation. We realize the growth, innovation and expansion goals of e-commerce entrepreneurs using a unique combination of extensive knowledge about crossborder businessandn a hands-on approach.

Tomahawk delivers strategic insights and turns them into powerful execution, making us the ideal partner during all stages of webshop growth.

Over 150 webshops have gone before you


Working together?

I'm Roel, founder of Tomahawk. I am happy to help you from our office in Nijmegen.