Campaign viability

Calculate the expected sales of a web shop in various markets.

Campaign viability:
How it works

A realistic revenue estimate

Campaign viability is a general analysis of available search terms, related to products on which campaigns are running. This allows us to make a revenue estimate based on the current assortment.

With an analysis of the search volume we determine the budget needed to run campaigns within a specific country or region. We also look at whether the price level of products is competitive and whether the secondary conditions such as delivery timeandn return conditions are in line with competing parties.

Marketing at the highest level

Tomahawk is a premier partner of Google, making it one of the top 3% best online marketing agencies in the Netherlands.

Our specialists are constantly trained and have direct access to closed betas: new features within Google Ads that have not yet been rolled out to all advertisers.



By tailoring the SEA structure, search terms and channels to potential customers, SEA sales in DEandn NL grew by 250anden 400%, respectively.


Garmundo asked our help in realizing increased sales through the Dutch and German web shops. In this growth, it was important to take into account the strong seasonality that Garmundo faces. It was also a challenge to pour different search terms for a plant into an effective SEA structure.


The SEA strategy and associated optimizations have led to a nice increase in sales in both the Netherlandsandn Germany. In the peak period (spring 2020) the turnover of the German SEA campaigns increased by no less than 250% 400%.

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