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Do you want to push boundaries and develop your webshop in other countries? At Tomahawk we solve crossborder issues and discover the e-commerce potential of webshops.

By analyzing markets and identifying potential audiences, we solve the crossborder puzzle. We develop a customized strategy so you don't miss a single opportunity. At every step our client takes, we stay involved.

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When entrepreneurs make the choice to expand abroad, they usually choose Belgium, Germany or England. These countries are close by and the language barrier seems the smallest. Despite these favorable factors, a mistake is easily made. The online marketing approach for web shops you use in the Netherlands is not something you simply copy to another country. Tomahawk makes sure that you don't overlook anything when you expand, so the chance of nasty surprises later remains small.

You translate in many different areas. Potential customers across the border not only speak a different language, but also have different online shopping habits. Consumers don't use iDEAL abroad, for example, and Dutch directness is sometimes misunderstood. There are many other cultural, economic, infrastructural and marketing differences between different countries to take into account in the international growth process. Tomahawk has all the necessary knowledge of crossborder e-commerce, from logistics to payment methods and local trends.

Benefits of crossborder expansion

Online marketing Germany



Our eastern neighbors, like us Dutch, love to store online. Most of that success is due to Amazon's entrance into the German market. Germany is a large, growing market with high sales.

At the same time, it is a sales area with spirited competition. Entrepreneurs considering expansion into Germany are carefully studying the cultural differences, regional laws and purchasing behavior of German consumers.



Expanding to Belgium is a good idea: it is a growing market and the language is partly similar. But changing .nl to .be is simply not enough to score well. You miss out on a nice SEO score with the Flemish if you use 'vouwfiets' instead of 'plooifiets'. The Flemish-Dutch language is simply slightly different.

In addition, of course, much of the Belgian market is French-speaking. And don't forget the German-speaking part, found across the border near southern Limburg. In addition to linguistic diversity, there are of course cultural differences: anticipating them makes expansion successful.

Online marketing England



England is a popular destination for international expansion. The market is large, the language is likely to be familiar, and you will achieve high sales.

In recent years, England's trading position vis-à-vis Europe has changed dramatically. In other words, crossing the Channel with an E-commerce venture is a good idea, but be well prepared.


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Germany, Belgium and England are often the first three countries that Dutch Web shops expand into. Maybe you have other countries in mind, or even another continent. Our team has an international focus and likes to find out how entrepreneurs can best roll out their webshop in the target country they have in mind.

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Crossborder performance marketing agency for web shops with growth ambitions

Tomahawk doubles webshop market share through groundbreaking innovation. We realize the growth, innovation and expansion goals of e-commerce entrepreneurs using a unique combination of extensive knowledge about crossborder businessandn a hands-on approach.

Tomahawk delivers strategic insights and turns them into powerful execution, making us the ideal partner during all stages of webshop growth.

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