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England is an excellent market for international success. With proper preparation, your e-commerce business is good to go.

Together to conquer the English
conquer the English market?

Online marketing in England

There are many good reasons to expand into England. The market is large and the language is familiar to most entrepreneurs.


The well-known English tongue-in-cheek represents a sarcastic, subtle sense of humor. That subtlety is not only an important part of British humor, but certainly of online marketing as well. Dutch directness is not necessarily appreciated in England. In short; a factor of importance when developing content for British market.

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Payment methods

Differences also exist when it comes to payment methods. For example, England does not have "iDeal. As in America, English people prefer to pay with a credit or debit card. Immediately after that comes Paypal as the most commonly used payment method.

Purchasing behavior

A notable point of interest for Dutch entrepreneurs is our aforementioned directness. This plays a role not only in humor, but also in the general layout of a web shop and customer contact. Being too direct can overwhelm the English customer.

Marketing at the highest level

Tomahawk is a premier partner of Google, making it one of the top 3% best online marketing agencies in the Netherlands.

Our specialists are constantly trained and have direct access to closed betas: new features within Google Ads that have not yet been rolled out to all advertisers.

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Crossing other borders

Online marketing Belgium


Growing in Belgium

Belgium is a neighboring country with cultural and linguistic similarities. Yet there are also many differences. Flemish-Dutch is slightly differentandn a large part of Belgium uses the French language. Not expanding is a waste. Not taking into account important differences is also a waste.

Online marketing Germany


Growing in Germany

German e-commerce is growing every year and the end is not yet in sight. The vast majority of high online sales are due to Amazon. Germany is the place to be. At the same time, it is a competitive market in which consumers place high demands on e-commerce shops.

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Conquering England?

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