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Increase engagement and conversions in your webshop with visual ads and targeted targeting.

The social advertising
philosophy of Tomahawk

Increase engagement and results

Social media marketing provides interesting information about the customer journey of a specific target group. With an effective social media strategy, we generate more sales, leads and engagement. This is particularly interesting for web shops with growth ambitions: social media lend themselves perfectly to building a strong brand experience. In addition, social media marketing is extremely suitable for remarketing.

Furthermore, social advertising has a number of unique benefits. Think of targeted audience targeting, more engagement and directly measurable results. After an extensive analysis of the account, we draw up a strategy that fits in seamlessly with the product.

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Strategic partner revenue maximization

At Tomahawk, we all strongly believe in the power of social media marketing to boost the (international) market share of your webshop. We use social media to reach the right target groups. This can be done for each phase in the funnel (awareness, interest, remarketing).

Social media platforms offer extensive opportunities to show ads to specific target groups based on demographics, interests, behavior and even previous interactions. Specifically for web shops, we can work with a dynamic product feed in order to advertise/ remarket with the product range as well. For this, good/ inspiring content is very important, therefore a close cooperation and good input from the client is very important.

The benefits of social advertising
at Tomahawk

Boost your social advertising strategy

Facebook ads
Attract visitors with branding or remarketing campaigns through the feed, stories and more.


Instagram ads

Attract visitors with branding or remarketing campaigns through the feed, stories and more.

Pinterest ads

Pinterest ads

Go for brand awareness on Pinterest with visually appealing products.

Feed marketing

Feed marketing

We display the shop's current offerings on the desired social media channels with the product feed.

Youtube ads

Youtube ads

Get in touch with your target audience thanks to the use of catchy video ads.

Juicy news about social advertising

Our working method

We work according to a proven method and our specialists maintain direct contact with our clients. That means: no account managers, but a direct line to the person working on the campaigns. We welcome you to our office in Nijmegen for an introduction.

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Crossborder performance marketing agency for web shops with growth ambitions

Tomahawk doubles webshop market share through groundbreaking innovation. We realize the growth, innovation and expansion goals of e-commerce entrepreneurs using a unique combination of extensive knowledge about crossborder businessandn a hands-on approach.

Tomahawk delivers strategic insights and turns them into powerful execution, making us the ideal partner during all stages of webshop growth.

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I'm Roel, founder of Tomahawk. I am happy to help you from our office in Nijmegen.