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80% revenue increase through link tracking, product feed optimization and Performance Max campaigns

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EZrider: more conversions through link tracking and product feed optimization


EZrider was born from a father and son's shared passion for moped engineering. They disassembled mopedsandn sold the parts to other enthusiasts in the spring of 2018. Sales are going nicely, but not fast enough yet as far as EZrider is concerned, which is why we have arrived at what EZrider anno now is: a webshop with a large selection of parts for Aprilia, Beta, Derbi, Gilera, Honda, Motorhispania, Riejanden Yamaha gearbox mopeds. They continually focus on expanding the range so that they can offer the customer a total package. EZrider already has a solid foundation before the cooperation with Tomahawk: it is already a good shop with a clear layout. Smart purchasing agreements allow them to offer their products at competitive prices at lightning speed.


EZrider engages Tomahawk to ensure that more moped enthusiasts in the Netherlands and Belgium find EZrider through Google. The goal is to grow EZrider's sales, increasing online findability is the means.


Tomahawk opts for a dual approach: we optimize data collection to feed campaign algorithms, gather better insights and make optimal strategic choices. In addition, we perform optimizations for relevant acquisition channels to bring EZrider to the attention of potential new customers.

We kick off the implementation of improved data collection by configuring additional tracking components (in both Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and Google Ads). With this strong opening move, among other things, we gain more insight into how visitors end up at EZriderandn the transaction value. The result? We have better data to drive the Google algorithm witanden find similar customers, who also get to see EZrider's offerings. In other words, through better data collection, we increase the profitability of campaigand en reach more new customers. These new customers get a better shopping experience, which of course is a nice bonus for existing customers. At a later stage, we will also make strides with server-side tracking.

The next step is to optimize the product feed. In practice, many customers search for parts specific to their moped. At the point when our collaboration starts, the product title does not yet contain all the relevant information. We put the product feed in a format that is more easily picked up by ad platforms. By making all product IDs complete, EZrider's offerings are easier to find online. This is an example of the rules we write to increase product findability. For these optimizations, we use Channable, which we use to manage the feed and monitor its performance.

With the optimized product feed, we set up a Performance Max campaign. After the product feed is successfully uploaded in Merchant Center, optimized and validated, we link the feed to Google Ads. The EZrider customer already has a clearly defined search query, with this we show the customer relevant EZrider products.

We increase the campaign budget in small increments. This allows us to adjust the ads in between based on the data we collected. In this way we achieve the ROAS goals and increase sales. In this way, the ad budget can be increased ever so slightly, creating a positive feedback loop. This allows us to spend moreandn more through growing (profitable) sales.


The results are impressive: total sales have increased significantly, with an 80% increase. Especially striking is the growth of sales from paid channels, which reached a new high with an increase of 180%.

There is a lot on the horizon for EZrider as we are well on our way! EZrider's growth and their revenue opens the door to long-term improvements in our tracking. With server-side trackingandn POAS, EZrider can further increase profitanden we are gathering more data to drive the Google algorithm even better. Moreover, we are ready to expand through other channels, such as organic traffic. We are exploring options outside of EZrider's website, such as bol.cand en in a later stage maybe even Amazon.

Customer Experience

"For this particular challenge, we knew we needed a specialized partner. We found that working with Tomahawk was a good addition to the growth of our company. They are easily accessible, the contact is low threshold. We have experienced that differently in the past. Tomahawk keeps us well informed of all developments and we are really involved. We hope we can continue this growthandn that Tomahawk continues to play a role in this!"

  • Edwin, Team EZrider

Experience tomahawk

"This was real teamwork. EZrider already had a good platform; the shop was clear and their prices were low. With such a strong foundation, Tomahawk mainly added the finishing touches. We were impressed by what EZrider itself had already achievedandn we were super excited to boost their growth."

  • Jannes, SEA Marketer Tomahawk


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