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Supershortlease: market leader in its own niche through years of close cooperation


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Increased visitors through SEO


of site traffic through SEO

About supershortlease

Supershortlease is there for those times when you need a car for a short time, but long-term leases are not the right solution. Situations like that happen more often than you think: your Fiat Panda is not enough for that weekend kayaking with friends in the Ardennes. And what about that one time you wanted to visit a customer, but your own car looked battered after a hailstorm? Supershortlease solves these impractical situations with - you guessed it - super-short lease contracts. Both for businessandn private use, you can flexibly short lease one of their 1,500 cars on short notice.


In 2016, we started working with Supershortlease, with the goal of generating more leads through their website. To achieve this, three improvements are needed: Optimize SEA campaigns, develop an SEO strategy and improve the website.


We deliberately take a phased approach in order to stay on top of organizational developments and benefit from the learnings with each optimization. This is how we build a strong online foundation:

  • We kick off the collaboration with comprehensive scans to identify improvement opportunities in the areas of SEA and SEO. This forms the foundation for optimizations in the areas of content, technical SEO, link buildingandn online advertising.
  • The results of the optimizations open up new opportunities. We create new pages based on high-scoring search terms to increase SEO findability. Through SEA, we provide car-specific campaigns based on car availability. Combined with a comprehensive measurement of all telephone inquiries, the next step in online growth has been taken.
  • With the knowledge and experience gained, we guide website migrations in later phases to optimize different domains in terms of measurabilityandn SEO.

We are currently working on the next phase: we are anticipating the disappearance of 3rd party cookies by setting up server-side tracking for Supershortlease and applying consent mode.


The result of the cooperation is worth noting. Indeed, if we look at the figures at the start in 2016 to now, we see the following:

  • Increase in visitors per month through SEO : 500%
  • The organic position of the main keyword "shortlease" rises from the last position on page 1 of the search results in Google to the No. 1 position.
  • 72% of traffic arrives at the website through SEA and SEO (37%andn 35% respectively)

The SEA results

SEA results reflect recent world events, such as the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, the chip shortage that led to longer delivery times for new cars, and the enhanced attractiveness of driving due to the chaos at Schiphol Airport. Consequently, 2022 was a mostly favorable year for the auto leasing industry, with demand for short leases increasing significantly. Tomahawk recognizes that events such as those in 2022 are beyond our controlandn that we sometimes benefit from them along with our customers. Unfortunately, things don't always work out, which explains the fluctuations in numbers.

External circumstances are the main cause of these fluctuations, it is Tomahawk's job in these situations to stabilize Supershortlease's numbers. In this unpredictable market, we continue to drive the requirements of Supershortlease. In doing so, we always maintain honest communication about the optimal results we can achieve together, taking into account the twists and turns of the market.


We help you grow

Every day we help e-commerce companies grow abroad and domestically without requiring an immediate sky-high budget. This is because we believe in incremental growth. This often starts with optimizing existing campaignsandn picking the low-hanging fruit. Can SEA do the most for your e-commerce shop? Then that's where we start. That way we prove ourselveanden with those results we automatically create room to invest in other services.

When you choose us, you'll find that we always go the extra mile. Do you have a question about a service you don't purchase from us? Or do you have another online marketing related question? Ask us!
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